Clamp and Rod Internal Fixation System (CRIF)

The DPS Clamp and Rod Internal Fixation (CRIF) System is a modular implant system for veterinary use only and is composed of three components: clamps, rods, and screws. The rods can be cut to length and contoured in any plane.

Standard screws fix the rod to bone via special clamps. Together, these form a unique internal construct that provides great versatility to the surgeon.​​​​​​​



Key Features & Benefits

– Three sizes available: mini, small, and medium
– Utilizes standard cortical and cancellous screws
– Can be used with open or minimally invasive techniques
– Versatile system requires less inventory
– Rods can be cut to length
– Rods can be contoured in multiple planes for optimal anatomic fit
– Clamps can be positioned anywhere on the rod
– Clamps can be rotated to either side of the rod to allow optimal screw placement


How to order it?


For more info on this product, or our full product catalog, please contact your local DPS Representative