The DPS Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) system is intended for use in osteotomies of the canine and feline proximal tibia for Cranial Cruciate Ligament rupture treatment.

The TPLO plate family together with the Standard TPLO Jig and Large Oscillating saw Attachment for Colibri/Colibri II/SED combined with the crescentic saw blades makes the Synthes TPLO a very complete and comprehensive system.


TPLO_1.jpg blank_small_10_10_KZ.jpg TPLO Plate family - Features & Benefits
6 different plate sizes available (from 2.0 mm to 3.5 mm broad)
Precontoured for anatomic fit 
Plate head holes angled away from the articular surface and Osteotomy line
Plate head specifically designed to engage more bone 
Uses either conventional or locking screws
TPLO_2.jpg blank_small_10_10_KZ.jpg TPLO Jig and Saw Guides - Features & Benefits
Maintains stability and limb alignment during surgery
Can be positioned with great versatility
Vibration-resistant hinge screws
Saw guides provide optimal positioning during osteotomy
TPLO_3.jpg blank_small_10_10_KZ.jpg Large Oscillating Saw Attachment and Crescentic Saw Blades for TPLO - Features & Benefits
Complete range of saw blades (7 ranging from 12mm radius to 30mm radius) to match the different sizes and anatomical shapes of dogs and cats tibial plateau 
Minimal bone removal Easy coupling of the crescentic saw blades to the LOS attachment through one stardrive screw fixation
Excellent cutting performance


- Mini Fragment System
- Small Fragment System
- Large Fragment System

TPLO Animation (data source not clear sharepoint)


The Synthes TPLO Plate (data source not clear sharepoint)

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