Guided system for bone part repositioning


TRUMATCH CMF Titanium 3D Printed Plates and Guides is a direct and fully guided system for bone part repositioning. The system consists of patient-specific osteotomy and drill guides and patient-specific plates for the accurate transfer of the surgical plan to the operating room.

TRUMATCH Orthognathics is a guided system which helps addressing the challenge of vertical maxillary positioning in complex asymmetric cases. The combination of Titanium 3D-printed patient-specific osteotomy/drill guides and personalized plates supports:

  • the accurate transfer of the surgical plan to the operating room
  • reducing the need of splints and plate bending
  • avoiding vital anatomical structures

Intended for bone repositioning surgical operations for different indications:

  • Orthognathic surgery
  • Trauma reconstruction (secondary osteotomy and repositioning of the zygoma)
  • Reconstruction surgery


  • Doubt on the reliability of patient’s anatomical scan, as the scan data may not guarantee that a patient’s anatomy is accurately represented
  • Mental or neurological health troubles making the patient unable to accept or to follow postoperative precautions
  • Smoking
  • Bad quality or insufficient bone tissue, or blood circulation issues
  • High sensibility to metallic materials
  • In the presence of active or latent infections
  • Pregnancy



Patient-Specific Plate Design
The location of screws and drilling vectors are defined in the planned position. Surgical access, bone volume and the avoidance of anatomical obstacles such as nerves and tooth roots are considered.


Retro Planning
Predetermined screw locations in the planned position are transposed back to the initial position.


Osteotomy and Drill Guide Design
Planned osteotomies, drill pilot hole locations and drilling vectors are integrated into the guide design, accurately transferring the surgical plan to the operating room.


Plate-Guide Color Coding
The guide and matching plate are color coded to help with identifying the right combination when multiple devices are used for the same surgery.


Designed for Matrix Compatibility
The plates and guides are designed and validated for compatibility with the MatrixMANDIBLE™, Matrix MIDFACE™, MatrixORTHOGNATHIC™ and MatrixNEURO™ screws and drill bits, depending on the application.





Zygoma Repositioning/ Orbital Floor Reconstruction


Midface Reconstruction

Mandible Reconstruction



* Manufactured by Materialise