Flexible design for every clinical situation



  • Porous structure
  • Complex anatomical shape
  • Predetermined screw locations
  • No additional fixation plates needed
  • Designed for energy absorption in case of crash (local plastic deformation of implant)**


Specific Design Features

  • Anatomical anchors & suture holes
  • Drainage
  • Variable thickness
  • Combination of continuous and porous structures is possible



Intended for bone reconstruction and restoration of bone defects of: the cranium, frontal bone, orbital floor, wall and roof, maxilla, zygoma and mandibular bones. And more generally all defects caused by a trauma injury, tumor removal, and genetic diseases.
The implants can also be used for volumetric increase of facial skeletal (for example: chin, cheekbones, mandibular angles).


  • Doubt on the reliability of patient’s anatomical scan, as the scan data may not guarantee that a patient’s anatomy is accurately represented,
  • Mental or neurological health troubles making the patient unable to accept or to follow postoperative precautions,
  • Smoking,
  • Bad quality or insufficient bone tissue, or blood circulation issues,
  • High sensibility to metallic materials,
  • In the presence of active or latent infections,
  • Pregnancy.


Orbital Reconstruction

  • Clinical applications include orbital floor, orbital floor and zygoma, supraorbital regions
  • Compatible with the Matrix MIDFACE™ screws and drill bits


Midface Reconstruction

  • Clinical applications include zygoma, central midface, maxilla
  • Dental implants support
  • Compatible with the MatrixMIDFACE™ screws and drill bits


Mandible Reconstruction

  • Clinical applications include mandible volumetric reconstruction, graft containment
  • Compatible with the MatrixMANDIBLE™ screws and drill bits


Volumetric Increase of Facial Skeleton

  • Clinical applications include chin, zygoma and mandibular angle
  • Compatible with the MatrixMIDFACE™ and
    MatrixMANDIBLE™ screws and drill bits



Cranial Reconstruction

  • Clinical applications include frontal, parietal, occipital regions
  • Osteotomy guides available
  • Compatible with the MatrixNEURO™ screws


* Manufactured by Materialise