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Division: Trauma
Category: Nailing Systems

The TFN-ADVANCED™ Proximal Femoral Nailing System is designed to advance hip fracture treatment with:

    •    Outcomes-Based Design
    •    Reduced Procedural Complexity
    •    Comprehensive Surgical Options

TFNA is a system designed to solve a wide range of unmet needs for surgeons, OR staff and administrators.

More than five years in the making, this system offers advancement in hip fracture treatment, including outcomes-based design, reduced procedural complexity, and comprehensive surgical options.

It incorporates the best elements of our highly successful global hip nails (TFN, PFNA, and PFNA II), optimized through input from hundreds of surgeons around the world. TFN-ADVANCED™ Proximal Femoral Nailing System truly is a global platform that delivers modern innovation.


Intended Use

For full information on indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions please see the product specific IFU and surgical technique  103332-181129 .

Features & Benefits

Designed to improve patient outcomes by resolving some of the most pressing clinical challenges.


  Features Benefits

Improved Anatomical Fit Contoured Design

Improved nail shape (1.0 m anatomic bow) based on multi-ethnic 3-D computational study designed to better fit patient anatomy and to help avoid impinging anterior cortex compared to nails with larger radius of curvature
Small Proximal Diameter Small proximal diameter (15.66 mm) and LATERAL RELIEF CUT™ Design help to preserve bone in insertion area due to reduced critical width.
LATERAL RELIEF CUT™ Design Design of the nail avoids impingement on lateral cortex.
TFNA Helical Blade TFNA Helical Blade technology is designed to compress bone during insertion, which enhances implant anchorage and may reduce the risk of cut-out.
BUMP CUT™ Design Titanium alloy and BUMP CUT Design of proximal hole provides improved fatigue strength compared to existing nails of similar size.
Lies flush to Lateral Cortex

Oblique lateral end of both blade and screw lies flush to lateral cortex to reduce protrusion on soft tissue.

Designed to improve efficiency and ease of use for surgeons and OR staff.


  Features Benefits
Radiolucent insertion handle

Radiolucent insertion handle with radiographic indicators improves x-ray visualization and assists with guide wire placement.

QUICK CLICK™ Self-Retaining Technology

QUICK CLICK™ Self-Retaining Technology designed for easier attachment of nail to insertion handle.

Designed to provide an extensive range of proximal femoral nailing options, including blade/screw head element, locking options, and nail lengths & diameters.


  Features Benefits


Proximal Locking Options





In addition to rotational locking for the helical blade
and screw, the system offers a static locking option that can be selected intraoperatively.





Choice of Head Elements





Choice of both augmentable TFNA Helical Blade or TFNA Screw to suit a wide variety of clinical needs, which supports surgical preferences and helps facilitate hospital standardization.




Percutaneous Set

Optional percutaneous set with larger instruments including protection sleeve and insertion handle.

Distal Locking Options

Long nail provides three distal locking options, including a unique oblique distal hole that is offset an additional 10º to better target bone in condyles.

Wide Selection of Nails

Wide selection of nail lengths and diameters covers broad array of patient anatomy.



TFNA Surgical Technique – International Version:



Please refer to the surgical technique guide or package inserts if included for a complete list of indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings. For further information on DePuy Synthes Products, please contact your local DePuy Synthes Representative .
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