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About this product

Division: Trauma
Category: Nailing Systems

The Expert Tibial Nail (ETN) is standard in treating tibial fractures with a wide range of indications.


Intended Use

For full information on indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions please see the product specific IFU and
Surgical Technique DSEM-TRM-0814-0173(1)


Features & Benefits


  Features Benefits
  Versatile proximal locking options
  • Three unique and innovative locking options, in combination with cancellous bone locking screws, increase the stability of the proximal fragment for proximal third fractures.
  • Two state of the art medio-lateral (ML) locking options enable primary compression or secondary controlled dynamization
  End caps
  • Securely lock the most proximal oblique locking screw to create a fixed-angle construct
  • End cap prevents ingrowth of tissue and facilitates nail extraction
  • Self-retaining Stardrive T40 recess for effortless end cap pick-up and ease of insertion
  • 0 mm end cap sits flush with nail.
  • 5, 10 and 15 mm end caps extend nail height if nail is over inserted
  • Cannulated
  Advanced nail design
  • New anatomic bend for ease of insertion
  • Titanium alloy TAN for improved mechanical and fatigue properties
  • Cannulated nails (from Ø 8 mm to Ø 13 mm) for reamed or unreamed techniques, enabling nail insertion over guide wire
  • The 2.5 mm or 3.0 mm ball tipped guide wires may be removed through the nail and insertion handle assembly (no exchange tube required).
  • Solid nails (from Ø 8 mm to Ø 10 mm) for unreamed technique
  Advanced distal locking options
  • Distal oblique locking option to prevent soft tissue damage and increase stability of the distal fragment
  • Two ML and one antero-posterior (AP) locking options for stability of the distal fragment
  All locking screws
  • Double lead thread for more contact points for enhanced stability and ease of insertion
  • Thread closer to screw head providing better bone purchase in the near cortex and improved stability
  • Titanium alloy TAN for improved mechanical and fatigue properties
  • Self-tapping blunt tip
  • Self-retaining Stardrive T25 recess allows improved torque transmission and increased resistance to stripping relative to a hex recess and secure locking screw pick-up.
  Cancellous bone locking screws
  • Indicated for the three unique proximal locking options of all tibial nails diameters
  • Dual core design for optimized purchase in cancellous bone
  • Unicortical
  • Lengths: 30 mm – 90 mm


Please refer to the surgical technique guide or package inserts if included for a complete list of indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings. For further information on DePuy Synthes Products, please contact your local DePuy Synthes Representative .
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