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About this product

Division: Spine
Category: Anterior Cervical Discectomy & Fusion

ZERO-P™ is a stand-alone anterior cervical interbody fusion 1-4 device designed to combine the functionality and benefits of a cervical interbody spacer and an anterior cervical plate.

ZERO-P is designed to offer two key advantages over traditional anterior plating systems:

  1. reduce the risk of contacting local anatomical structures and
  2. prevent contact with adjacent levels thereby reducing unintentional ossification.5

ZERO-P features four rigid locking screws for fixation into adjacent vertebral bodies. The four rigid locking screws provide more rigid fixation in Flex-Ex and Axial rotation than similar devices featuring two non-rigid screws.*



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*Data on file at DePuy Synthes, biomechanical test results may not be indicative of clinical performance


Features & Benefits


Features Benefits
Zero profile
  • Designed to reduce risk of contacting local anatomical structures
  • Designed to prevent contact with adjacent levels
  • May be used to facilitate surgeries where Zero-P is implanted adjacent to previous fusions
Four rigid locking screws lock into plate at diverging angles
  • Locked screws form bone wedge in vertebral bodies
  • Two screw fixation per level
  • Designed to provide similar biomechanics as a traditional 4 screw one-level plate and spacer construct*
Patented conical head locking screws
  • One-step screw locking
2 Footprints, 8 heights, 3 sagittal profiles
  • Multiple implant options designed to accommodate various patient anatomy

*Data on file at DePuy Synthes, biomechanical test results may not be indicative of clinical performance

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