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Division: Spine
Category: Navigation

KICK® System with FluoroExpress Software Module.

The KICK ® System is a simplified navigation system that provides a meaningful and comprehensive solution to help surgeons streamline spinal procedures.

The KICK System is a cost effective, intuitive and simple to use solution.

It runs on FluoroExpress Software Module that provides the capabilities needed for 1-3 Levels thoracolumbar procedures for surgeons doing MIS or interested in doing less invasive Procedures.

The KICK System provides enhanced visualization and helps may reduce radiation exposure to surgeons and patients. The KICK System is also designed to offer an optimized procedural workflow through its small footprint and simple registration process.



Intended Use

The KICK®  System is a navigation platform used for Image Guided Surgery (IGS) incorporating:

A tracking system, a computer unit that runs the software and a display unit to display the navigation, including touch functionality for the user to interact with the software. Fluoro Express is intended to be a pre- and intra-operative image guided localization system to enable minimally invasive surgery. It links a freehand probe, tracked by a passive marker sensor system to virtual computer image space on a patient’s intraoperative image data being processed by a Brainlab Navigation Workstation. The system is indicated for any medical condition in which the use of stereotactic surgery may be appropriate and where a reference to a rigid anatomical structure, such as the skull, a bone structure like tubular bones, pelvic, calcaneus and talus, scapula, or vertebra, can be identified relative to a CT, fluoroscopic, X-Ray or MR based model of the anatomy.

Example procedures include but are not limited to Spinal procedures and spinal implant procedures such as pedicle screw placement; Pelvis and acetabular fracture treatment such as screw placement or ilio-sacral screw fixation; Fracture treatment procedures such as intramedullary nailing or plating or screwing, or external fixation procedures in the tubular bones.

The intended users of Fluoro Express are surgeons and medical professionals. The patient group is all patients of all ages where a reference to a rigid anatomical structure can be established. For children with an open epiphyseal plate, this structure must not be damaged in order to avoid a negative effect on growth.

The application is to be used in the operating room. 

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits  
Obtain trajectory confirmation  Enhanced Visualization for specific surgical steps such as pedicle screw alignment in relation to anatomical landmarks.
May reduce the need for fluoroscopic shots Potential Radiation Reduction often used during Minimally Invasive Surgeries. 
Small footprint and simple
XSpot registration process
Developed with simplicity in mind to facilitate daily usage and drives ease-of-use.


Kick Video


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