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Division: Shoulder Reconstruction
Category: Anatomic

GLOBAL APG+ is an advanced cannulated instrumentation system that provides accurate and precise bone preparation for optimal implantation of the GLOBAL Anchor Peg Glenoid Implant. The instruments were designed for ease of use and heightened efficiency in the operating room by incorporating features that enhance versatility, simplicity, and precision through a streamlined surgical approach. GLOBAL APG Implant is designed to be used with either the GLOBAL ADVANTAGE® or GLOBAL AP® Shoulder Arthroplasty Systems.


Features & Benefits


Features Benefits
2.5mm Breakaway Pin
Break-away grooves at 76, 102 and 127mm from the tip to remove unneeded length, aiding in insertion of cannulated instrumentation
Low Profile Central Reamer (40/44 or 48/52/56)

When used with the low profile peripheral reamer, allows for successful reaming in patients with a challenging glenoid exposure

Half Moon Shape aids insertion past the humerus

Blunt leading edge is glenoid friendly – reduces the risk of bone fracture and intereference with retractors

Low Profile Peripheral Reamer (40,44,48,52, or 56)
Cannulated to fit over the break away guide pin
Used with the low profile central reamer to allow successful reaming in patients with challenging glenoid exposure
Removes bone from the superior and inferior aspects of the glenoid simultaneously
Quick Connect Driver Shaft The quick connect end enables fast and easy connections between instruments
General Instrument connection and identification 
Colour coding allows for quick identification of instrument size.
Cannulation and quick connect designed to allow for fast and easy use
Access Reamer (40,44,48,52 or 56)
Half moon shape designed to aid insertion past the humerus.
Blunt leading edge is glenoid friendly- reduces the risk of bone fracture and interference with retractors.
Quick connect designed for easy insertion/removal with driver shaft. 
Cannulated to fit over the break away guide pin. 
Bone Graft Applicator
Designed to allow application of the correct
amount of cancellous bone autograft to the flutes of the Anchor Peg Glenoid
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