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Division: Shoulder Reconstruction
Category: Anatomic

DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction has combined innovative science and technology, and robust, user-friendly instrumentation with the GLOBAL Shoulder's nearly two decades of clinical heritage to bring you the GLOBAL AP Shoulder System.
The GLOBAL AP or Adjustable Prosthesis was the first shoulder system that provided options for variability of 30° in the neck shaft angle and version, and a standard 135° angle similar to the GLOBAL ADVANTAGE® Shoulder Arthroplasty System.
The GLOBAL AP System offers the surgeon a shoulder prosthesis that can restore anatomical function by incorporating variability of the humeral head's position relative to the humeral stem. 

Features & Benefits


  Features Benefits
Stem insert and ball taper assembly
  • Allows variability of + or -15 degrees in both neck angle and version via robust locking taper engagement

135-degree taper

  • Provides traditional 135-degree neck shaft angle configuration for simplified surgical procedure

Removed collar, medial and lateral fins

  • Re-distributes forces over a larger surface area of bone
  • Fin removed to preserve more bone stock 

Impaction block and orientation device assembly

  • Dials and records the orientation of the trial head relative to the broach, duplicates the same position to the implant, and assembles and locks the implant 

Revision instrumentation

  • Enables simple revision of humeral head and taper assembly without affecting the fixed humeral stem

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