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Division: Shoulder Reconstruction
Category: Anatomic

DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction has combined innovative science and simple instrumentation with the GLOBAL Shoulder's nearly two decades of clinical heritage1 to bring you the GLOBAL ADVANTAGE Shoulder Arthroplasty System. The GLOBAL ADVANTAGE Shoulder system brings together a proximal press-fit humeral stem, low profile standard and eccentric humeral head options with easy-to-use instruments.

GLOBAL ADVANTAGE Instrumentation System is designed to offer surgeons a straightforward surgical technique that prepares the proximal humerus, positions the trial, and places the definitive implant to achieve adequate joint mechanics and potential pain relief for patients. The instruments were designed for ease of use and Operating Room efficiency by incorporating features that enhance versatility, simplicity and precision throughout the surgical approach.


Features & Benefits


  Features Benefits
  • Proximal press-fit stem design based on 20 years of GLOBAL Shoulder clinical success.1
  • Low profile standard and eccentric humeral heads
  Recessed Collar
  • Designed to optimize the glenohumeral contact area
  Medial Fin Hole
  • Allows for a cerclage suture when used for fracture repair
  Proximal filling body
  • Same press-fit application as clinically successful GLOBAL Shoulder1
  Reverse taper locking system
  • Allow humeral head removal without having to remove the stem
  Pegged and keeled glenoids
  • Anatomic mismatch allows natural translation2
  • Gas plasma sterilization helps reduce oxidative potential.
  Anchor Peg Glenoid (ENDURON® & PREMIERON®)
  • Designed to provide immediate and ongoing stability for secure fixation via the central flute and peripheral support pegs
  • 1020XLK delivers significantly reduced long-term wear benefits for durability of the prosthesis3
  Improved instrumentation
  • Designed to provide a more simple and efficient procedure
  Proven Press-fit success1
  • The GLOBAL ADVANTAGE Shoulder features a clinically proven1 press-fit stem design. Unlike some stems that were originally designed to rely on cement, the GLOBAL ADVANTAGE humeral stem relies on the same anatomic, proximal-filling design as the original GLOBAL Shoulder



1. Matsen Et al. Humeral Fixation by Press-Fitting of a Tapered Metaphyseal Stem: A Prospective Radiographic Study. Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery 2003; 85: 304-308

2. Karduna, A.R. et al. "Glenohumeral joint translations before and after total shoulder arthroplasty. A study in cadvera." J. Bone & Joint Surgery, 79-A(8): 1166-1174, 1997.

3. Wirth, M.A. et al. "Cross-linked glenoid prosthesis: A wear comparison to conventional glenoid prosthesis with wear particulate analysis", J. Shoulder & Elbow Surgery, 18: 130-137, 2009.

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