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Division: Shoulder Reconstruction
Category: Anatomic

The patented Anchor Peg Glenoid achieves immediate stability with the three minimally cemented peripheral pegs and provides a proven method3 of fixation through an interference fit of the central peg. The central peg facilitates bony integration around the flutes for increased fixation strength and resists “rocking horse” loosening1. A study by Wirth et al. showed that mean fixation strength increased significantly within three months and remained strong six months postoperatively in a weight-bearing animal study1.

The Anchor Peg Glenoid is available in PREMIERON™ X-Linked Polyethelene - the brand name for our moderately cross-linked polyethylene. 


Features & Benefits


Features Benefits
Proven Fixation3
  • Central interference fit and angled peripheral pegs for immediate mechanical stability3
  • The Anchor Peg Glenoid design is optimised for use with the DePuy Synthes GLOBAL Shoulder System
Moderately cross linked polyethylene
  • PREMIERON X-Linked Polyethylene is the brand name for our moderately cross-linked polyethylene optimized for the multidirectional wear of the shoulder, which significantly improves wear performance and reduces loosening1
  • Gamma-radiation followed by thermal treatment forces molecular recombination, enhances material consolidation and eliminates free radicals, making PREMIERON X-Linked Polyethylene oxidatively stable.1, 2
  • In shoulder simulator testing, PREMIERON X-Linked Polyethylene demonstrated an 85% wear reduction over conventional manufactured and sterilized components,1 minimising the chance of particulate debris generation
Long term stability
  • Thin cement interface minimises the risk of cement-related thermonecrosis. Improved fixation strength over time following proven in-growth around peg flutes3
  • Triple-peg design overcomes ‘rockinghorse’ effect. Migration is reduced over two years compared with keeled implants3
  • DePuy Synthes recommends SMARTSET GHV Gentamicin Bone Cement for use with the Anchor Peg Glenoid


1. Wirth MA, Klotz C, Deffenbaugh DL, McNulty D, Richards L, Tipper JL.Cross-linked glenoid prosthesis: a wear comparison to conventional glenoid prosthesis with wear particulate analysis. J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2009;18:130-137.

2. Data on file at DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. WR#030290.

3. Wirth MA, Korvick DL, Basamania CJ, Toro F, Aufdemorte TB, Rockwood CA, Jr. Radiologic, mechanical, and histologic evaluation of 2 glenoid prosthesis designs in a canine model. J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2001;10:140-148.

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