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Division: International
Category: Arthroscopic Surgery - Shoulder, Knee, Hip, Small Joint

The VAPR VUE® Radiofrequency System is designed to provide soft tissue ablation (vaporization), contouring, cutting and hemostasis of blood vessels during arthroscopic surgical procedures and is comprised of the following components (sold separately):
  • VAPR VUE Radiofrequency Generator.
  • VAPRTM System Electrodes (electrodes with integrated handle and hand controls, electrodes with integrated handle or 2-piece electrodes with handpiece).
  • VAPR VUE Wireless Footswitch or VAPR System Wired Footswitch.
  • Power Cord.

Intended Use

The VAPR VUE Radiofrequency System is intended for resection, ablation, excision of soft tissue, hemostasis of blood vessels and coagulation of soft tissue in patients requiring arthroscopic surgery.


Features & Benefits


  Features Benefits
  • Offers proprietary COOLPULSE™ radiofrequency technology platform
  • Compatible with COOLPULSE and conventional bipolar radiofrequency electrodes
  • Compatible with Hand Controls and Wireless or Wired Footswitch
  • Intuitive generator user interface for ease of operation
  • Field-upgradable software
  • Provides clear visibility, enhanced procedure efficiency while generating equal or less heat than leading competitors*
  • One generator that comprehensively addresses your radiofrequency needs
  • Flexible activation controls to address your preferred method of control
  • Efficient and confident adjustment of ablate/coag settings, modes and controls
  • Long term stability as “future ready” technology
  • Operated using proprietary, next generation bipolar COOLPULSE Technology
  • COOLPULSE 90 electrodes with and without hand controls
  • Provides faster and more efficient tissue ablation while generating equal or less heat than leading competitors*
  • Versatile user control to address your preferred method of control
  • Wireless footswitch control
  • Interference-resistant wireless technology
  • Reduced clutter and unrestricted foot pedal access
  • Exceptional reliability and performance


*As compared to ArthroCare Super TurboVac during in vitro testing. Data on file. Arthrocare and Super TurboVac are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Arthrocare Corporation.

CA#13208A V0746A
Please refer to the surgical technique guide or package inserts if included for a complete list of indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings. For further information on DePuy Synthes Products, please contact your local DePuy Synthes Representative .
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