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Division: International
Category: Primary Knees

The LCS  Knee System is based upon the original LCS Mobile-Bearing Knee System, featuring the same low contact stress articular geometry. This rotating platform system offers surgeons cruciate sacrificing and posterior stabilised femoral and tibial insert components (GVF™ and AOX™) and fixed all-poly and mobile bearing metal-backed patella components. The system also includes versions with cemented and cementless fixation, including POROCOAT® and DUOFIX™.
LCS can be used with High Performance Instruments specifically designed for use with the LCS knee system.


Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Clinical Heritage
  • 35 Years of Mobile Bearing Experience - Based upon the LCS Mobile Bearing Total Knee System, originally implanted in 1977
MBT Rotating Platform Technology
  • Rotational freedom to actively diffuse torsional loosening forces1
  • Self-alignment of the tibial insert to the femoral component
  • Same tibial tray as SIGMA® RP, which allows intra-operative flexibility
AOX Polyethylene
  • COVERNOX Antioxidant stabilises free radicals and prevents oxidation2
  • Addition of an antioxidant eliminates the need for a heat treatment, thus maintains excellent mechanical properties2
Cementless Fixation
  • Cementless fixation options available on the LCS femoral component, MBT tibial tray, and mobile bearing patella component
  • Features POROCOAT Porous Coating and DUOFIX HA coated tibial trays
  • Cementless Titanium Nitride LCS available for patients with suspected metal allergy.




1. Bottlang, M. et al. “A Mobile-bearing Knee Prosthesis Can Reduce Strain at the Proximal Tibia.” Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, 2006; 447: 105-111.

2. King, R. et al “Characterization of Gamma-Irradiated UHMWPE Stabilized with a Hindered Phenol Antioxidant.” ORS Annual Meeting, 2009; Poster #19.


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