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About this product

Division: Mitek Sports Medicine
Category: Arthroscopic Surgery - Shoulder, Knee, Hip, Small Joint

The VAPR® Small Joint Electrodes are soft tissue ablation and hemostasis / coagulation devices intended for use with the VAPR System.


2.3 mm Side Effect 2P
2.3 mm Side Effect Short IH, 2P
2.3 mm End Effect IH, 2P
2.3 mm Wedge HC, IH, 2P
2.3 mm Wedge Short IH, 2P


HC - Integrated Handle with Hand Controls
IH - Integrated Handle
2P - 2-piece with Reusable Handpiece
NOTE: Hand Control Electrodes are only compatible with the VAPR VUE® Radiofrequency System

Intended Use

VAPR Electrodes are intended for resection, ablation excision of soft tissue, hemostasis of blood vessels and coagulation of soft tissue in patients requiring arthroscopic surgery of the knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, and wrist.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Versatile portfolio of VAPR® electrodes Choice of optimized electrode shape and performance features for different anatomical areas and targeted arthroscopic procedures.
Innovative design, purposeful engineering Versatility in ablation, coagulation and debridement to deliver best in class performance, precision, safety and results.
Hand control option on select electrodes Versatile user control to address your preferred method of control.
CA#13211A V0749A
Please refer to the surgical technique guide or package inserts if included for a complete list of indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings. For further information on DePuy Synthes Products, please contact your local DePuy Synthes Representative .
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