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About this product

Division: Mitek Sports Medicine
Category: Hip Arthroscopy

The Hip Access Kit (including the blade) is intended as a set of manual instruments that provide general surgical access to the joint. 

The Hip Straight blade is one-piece beaver blade that was designed with both sharpness and strength, in mind.  It has a rounded, sharp tip that is 13mm long and a 28cm tip to tip length.  


Intended Use

The Kit is designed for general arthroscopic surgical use.

Features & Benefits


Features Benefits
One-piece design Optimizing strength for use in the deep hip joint
Sharp rounded tip Optimizing the surface available for cutting while designing to minimize the risk of iatrogenic damage.
13 mm blade Providing sufficient working surface to cut through thick patient capsule (1 cm)*.
28 cm length tip to tip The longest working length currently available allowing the surgeon to use for a variety of patient sizes.
15 cm texture on handle Providing a sure grip on the handle where the surgeon chooses.
4.0mm diameter Fits easily through a 4.5 mm cannula. The cannula can also be removed over the distal end for percuntaneous use.

*Weidner et al. Clin Orthop Relat Res (2012) 470:3306–3312.

DSEM/MTK/0614/0092;CA#13203A; V0716A
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