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About this product

Division: Knee Reconstruction
Category: Primary Total Knee Replacement

The SIGMA® Knee System offers a comprehensive, integrated knee system. Based on the P.F.C® Total Knee System introduced in 1984, the SIGMA Knee continues a history of innovation based on clinical heritage.

The SIGMA Knee embraces a wide variety of surgeon philosophies and surgical techniques, while providing function, clinical results, and a variety of options for today’s patients. Available in posterior cruciate retaining or posterior stabilized femoral component designs, and fixed and mobile-bearing tibial component designs, this knee system is designed to provide surgical solutions for a variety of clinical indications.



Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Clinical Heritage
  • Based upon the P.F.C.® Total Knee System, originally implanted in 1984
Fixed Bearing Technology
  • i2 locking mechanism with an interference fit for decreased micromotion1

MBT Rotating Platform Technology

  • Rotational freedom to actively diffuse loosening forces2
  • Self-aligning bearing is designed to decouple flexion-extension and rotation into two unidirectional motions

High Flexion

  • P.F.C. SIGMA RP-F total knee prosthesis is designed to provide sufficient articular surface and proper patella tracking as well as rotational freedom to accommodate deep knee flexion up to 155 degrees.
  • SIGMA CR150 Knee, available in fixed bearing or rotating platform options, accommodates 150 degrees of flexion.

1 Leisinger, S., S. Hazebrouck and D. Deffenbaugh. “A New Approach to Micromotion Characterization of Modular Tibia Implants.” 54th Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society, Poster No. 1952, March 2-5, 2008, San Francisco, CA.

2 Bottlang, M., K.E. Oliver, E. Lacatusu, M.B. Sommers, O. Kessler. “A Mobile-bearing Knee Prosthesis Can Reduce Strain at the Proximal Tibia.” Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research. No. 447, pp. 105-111.

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