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Division: Knee Reconstruction
Category: Primary Knees

Whilst maintaining all of the LCS design features in the walking phase of gait the LCS-RPS utilises a spine and cam mechanism in flexion. This reduces the potential for A-P translation by keeping the femoral component centralised as the knee goes into flexion. This centralisation reduces the risk of posterior impingement and therefore allows the knee the freedom to achieve deeper flexion angles.

The LCS is well known as a low wear solution due to its design which allows total freedom of rotation resulting in unidirectional motion patterns. To minimise any potential for 3rd body wear the cam and spine in the LCS-RPS have been carefully designed to evenly distribute stresses and to permit the freedom of movement required to allow normal rotation and lift off. Married with the decoupling forces provided by the clinically proven1 Mobile Bearing Tibial tray, the LCS-RPS remains a low wear choice.


Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Highly congruent mobile bearing design Designed for low wear and  to reduce torsional stresses
Highly-polished cobolt chrome tibial tray Designed to reduce wear on bearing surfaces
Narrowed intercondylar notch  Designed to reduce risk for patella impingement
Highly-congruent patella design Designed to reduce potential of high stresses throughout the range of motion
Lengthened trochlear groove Designed to reduce the risk for patella impingement
Proportional box sizes Designed to ensure preservation of healthy bone in the intercondylar notch
Consistent posterior condylar resection with LCS RP Allows intra-operative decision making between LCS RP and LCS RPS



  1. Buechel Sr FF, Buechel Jr FF, Pappas MJ, D’Alessio MS. Twenty-Year Evaluation of Meniscal Bearing and Rotating Platform Knee Replacements. Clin Orthop Relat Res, 2001; 388:41-50
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