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Division: Hip Reconstruction
Category: Primary Acetabular Solutions

The MARATHON XLPE cup has introduced an improved bearing material1 over that used in the OGEE® cup while retaining the same existing OGEE flange design, bore geometry and fixation grooves. The XLPE material is more durable1,2, and the flange is thinner and more flexible to aid trimming. The size ranges are enhanced, with a 45 mm OD and 36mm bore introduced. The marker wire (optional) has been modified to a circumferential halo, although there are also marker wires embedded within the cup.

MARATHON Polyethylene is the first FDA-cleared, third generation, crosslinked polyethylene which reduces wear versus non-crosslinked polyethylene, while resisting oxidation and maintaining mechanical standards1,2. MARATHON is produced from GUR 1050 polyethylene ram extruded bar that is moderately crosslinked at 5 Mrad of gamma irradiation, then stabilised using a patented remelting process to eliminate free radicals balancing the need for wear resistance against the damaging effects of irradiation.


Features & Benefits


Features Benefits
  • Fixation features are the same as CHARNLEY® OGEE and CHARNLEY Flanged Cup
MARATHON CEMENTED CUPS are able to follow the heritage of clinically proven cemented cups already widely used by DePuy Synthes customers4,5
  • The bearing surface (bore) geometry is the same as the LPW version of the CHARNLEY OGEE, CHARNLEY & ELITE PLUS™ OGEE CUPS 

Surgeons are able to benefit from a continuation of understanding and experience with the already proven qualities of DePuy Synthes  heritage cups

MARATHON polyethylene has offered surgeons a low wear for more than 10 years3 Utilising GUR 1050 polyethylene and a patented process, modular MARATHON liners have been shown to have reduced linear (83%) and volumetric wear (77%) which reduces osteolysis when compared (95%) when compared to conventional polyethylene3
  • Products available in the same sizes as OGEE and CHARNLEY Flanged Cups, with some additional sizes.
No impact on surgeon choice for those already using DePuy Synthes cemented cups with an increase in the  range now available
  • Instrumentation and surgical technique is unchanged.
No additional surgeon or staff training required where DePuy Synthes cemented cups are already used
  • Available to use with 22 mm to 36 mm heads
Extends the surgical choice over legacy DePuy Synthes cemented cups whilst maximising the options for choice during surgery
  • Concentric laser etched trim lines at 4 mm intervals with 0.95 mm thick flange
Easy to use, trimmable flange that requires less time to prepare than previous DePuy Synthes cups, is easier to trim than existing DePuy Synthes flanges and no longer requires a trimming aid.
  • The marker wire has been modified to a circumferential halo wire, combined with wires embedded in the cup
Orientation and position of cup is more easily identified



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Please refer to the surgical technique guide or package inserts if included for a complete list of indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings. For further information on DePuy Synthes Products, please contact your local DePuy Synthes Representative .
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