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Division: Codman Neuro
Category: Neuro-critical Care Solutions

The CODMAN ICP EXPRESS offers one-touch key operation for speedy setup and monitoring. The CODMAN MICROSENSOR ICP Transducer consists of a miniature strain gauge pressure mounted in a titanium case at the tip of a 100cm flexible nylon tube. The CODMAN MICROSENSOR transducer monitors intracranial pressure directly at the source – subdural, parenchymal or intraventricular. Information is relayed electronically rather than through a hydrostatic column or fiberoptics.


Intended Use

Use of the CODMAN MICROSENSOR is indicated when direct intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring is required.
82-6631, 82-6632, 82-6638, 82-6639 - The kit is indicated for use in both subdural and intraparenchymal pressure monitoring applications only.
82-6653, 82-6633 - The kit is indicated for use in intraventricular pressure monitoring and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) drainage applications.Paste Indications content here. Be sure to use the "paste from Word" button (above) if doing so.


Features & Benefits


Features Benefits
Small, Flexible and Low-Profile
The small size and flexibility of the CODMAN MICROSENSOR nylon tubing allows for lowprofile tunneling under the scalp.
Long term accuracy & stability
Designed to reduce the need for system replacement due to drift.
One-touch key operation
Quick equipment setup and ease of use for monitoring ICP.
Please refer to the surgical technique guide or package inserts if included for a complete list of indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings. For further information on DePuy Synthes Products, please contact your local DePuy Synthes Representative .
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