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About this product

Division: CMF
Category: Distractors

A bone-borne modular distraction device for surgically assisted, rapid, palatal expansion.


Intended Use

The Transpalatal Distractor is intended for use as a bone-borne maxillary expander and retainer for surgically assisted, rapid, palatal expansion. The Transpalatal Distractor is intended for single use only.



Features & Benefits


Features and Benefits

The Transpalatal Distractor is a modular, intraoral distraction system available in three widths.

Transpalatal distractor body

  • Central body with two telescopic threaded pins
  • Available in three widths
  • Titanium alloy

Threaded pins

  • Left, gold
  • Right, blue
  • Contains Ø 0.6 mm hole for the Ø 0.4 mm titanium safety wire


  • Left, gold footplate to be assembled with the gold threaded pin
  • Right, blue footplate to be assembled with the blue threaded pin
  • Allows horizontal placement of the distractor body: angled socket
  • Easy-entry opening facilitates engagement with the threaded pin
  • Tapered edges minimize soft tissue damage and facilitate footplate slippage under the palatal mucosa
  • Large external contact surface facilitates handling with instruments
  • 2 bone screw holes Ø 2.1 mm, 8 mm apart
  • 4 spikes located underneath footplate improve bone grip
  • Etched “L” on the left, gold footplate and “R” on the right, blue footplate for correct placement in the patient’s mouth
  • Titanium

Blocking screw

  • Blocks the left, gold threaded pin
  • Prevents unintentional distractor rotation
  • Titanium alloy

Titanium safety wires

  • Ø 0.4 mm safety wires anchor the distractor to the teeth during the treatment period
  • Length 140 mm
  • Titanium
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