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Division: CMF
Category: Mandible Plates And Screws

The design of the TRUMATCH CMF Patient Specific Plates for Mandible is individually engineered to meet the needs of each patient and surgeon. By selecting plate design features, sur­geons can customize the reconstruction plate to create a patient specific solution. The Patient Specific Plates are manufactured to the planned patient anatomy, eliminat­ing the time needed for intraoperative adaption and creating a stronger plate* with a lower overall profile.


Intended Use

The Patient Specific Plates for Mandible are intended for oral, maxillofacial surgery.

Features & Benefits

Derived from patient CT Data

Design fits the planned outcome for easy positioning of the grafts at the planned location.

Integration with virtual surgical planning service** for seamless transfer of the surgical plan into the OR, using patient specific surgical guides** with built-in drill guides that align with the plate holes (optional).


Customizable design features

Screw hole positions and angulations defined individu­ally to avoid screw interference with nerves, tooth roots, osteotomies, existing or future implants.

Screw length prediction and pre-visualization of screw trajectories to ensure a collision free construct.


Strength with low profile

2.0 mm and 2.5 mm plate thicknesses for improved fatigue strength* with lower profiles compared to standard reconstruction plates.


* Patient Specific Plates fatigue testing data shows increased fatigue life of both 2.0 and 2.5 mm profiles in comparison with MatrixMANDIBLE 2.5 mm thick plates. Test data does not indicate clinical performance. Test data on file at Synthes.

** Manufactured by Materialise and distributed by DePuy Synthes. For full description of TRUMATCH CMF Solutions visit

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