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General surgical procedures for the reinforcement and repair of soft tissue where weakness exists including, but not limited to; defects of the thoracic wall, suture line reinforcement, and muscle flap reinforcement; hernia repair; soft tissue reconstructive procedures including but not limited to plastic and reconstructive surgical applications such as breast reconstruction, abdominal wall reconstruction, and orofacial reconstructive procedures; and for reinforcement of the soft tissues, which are repaired by suture or suture anchors.

Products for this Procedure


036.001.139: XCM Biologic Tissue Matrix - Flyer
036.001.141: XCM Biologic Tissue Matrix - Reference Guide
036.001.138: XCM Reconstruction of the anterior abdominal wall following a TRAM flap breast reconstruction - Case Report
036.001.145: XCM Components separation using sandwich technique for reconstruction of abdominal wall defect - Case Report
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